How to Reach your Target Audience

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Before writing research article, you need to have a clear idea about the targeted audience, their level of expertise, and their purpose of reading your article. While writing your article, keep these constraints in mind at all times and write accordingly. Your article should be tailored to meet the requirements of the target audience.

Organizing a research manuscript involves a top down approach – first define an overall structure, then decide on the specific sections, and finally work on the precise content that is to be included.

If your manuscript is written for an expert audience, understand the possible objectives for the reading. Experts could choose to read your manuscript as they are looking to gain greater knowledge in the specific area of your research and learn about new concepts or techniques. Another reason may be, a solution they are looking for to tackle a problem they have encountered. The third reason could be to evaluate the quality of the article.

For an audience comprising of experts, be sure to have complete information on your specific area of research. Do not hesitate to include any specialized conventions and terminology in your article and provide a detailed and scientific description of the various parts and processes of your research. Make appropriate use of figures and tables.

There are people who possess little or no knowledge in your area of research. If your target audience is made up of laymen, do not assume any prior knowledge and use easily comprehensible background information to generate their interest. Avoid the use of technical terms as far as possible. In the unavoidable instances when they are used, provide a proper explanation of terms. Using real life examples with which people are familiar will increase the interest levels of the audience.

A layman may choose to read your article for the following reasons – he is interested in enhancing his general knowledge; he is looking for basic knowledge in a specific field that may eventually help towards achieving expertise; or he wants an understanding of certain specific concepts with the goal of applying them in given situations.

Whether you are targeting an expert or a layman, ensure your manuscript’s conformity with the prescribed journal style. Seeking inputs from experts in the subject area will help to improve the overall quality of the article.

Following the guidelines mentioned in this blog will allow you to generate more interest amongst readers. Professional writing services like can help in ensuring that your article is well received and has the desired impact on the targeted audience.


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