Formatting of a dissertation for UK colleges

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A well-structured and formatted dissertation can lead to heights, excelling in the field applied.

1. Literature review or context view – This chapter explains how the research is contemporary to the field involved. Following are the vital constituents.

  • It should contain how the research works.
  • It should tell the areas in which research is possible.
  • It should highlight existing gaps and how they can be abridged.
  • It should contain Contextual parts of practice and politics should also be mentioned.

2. Chapters describing methods and results – A clear and detailed description regarding the conduct of all the research has to be written so that the reader can easily replicate the same.

3. Results/Findings – As per the topic chosen; the results and findings have to be clearly mentioned and represented in a format easily understood by the reader.

4. Discussion – This page should contain the review of research by the researcher himself. Acknowledgement of all findings and limitations and importance of the research has to be mentioned.

5. Conclusions – This chapter includes the results and conclusions of the research.

6. Reference – This section is of utter importance as it will contain all the references used in your research.

7. Appendices – This section contains all the matter that were not merged with the main text as it would disrupt the flow of the reader.


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