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As every student working on a post-graduate degree or a doctoral thesis knows, the proposal is the first and most essential step on the road to academic success. Unless the proposal is approved, the student cannot begin work on the project. The dreams that he or she had for the assignment will lie shattered and they will have to start something new from scratch. That is why nothing is more important than a well researched and well written proposal.

This is where we come in. The team at Dissertation Editing UK can help with this crucial task and ensure that the report and the project it details gets approved by the university board. How do we do that? We do it with the help of our highly qualified team of editors and proof readers. They go through the proposal and analyse every word and every phrase; they rewrite paragraphs that do not meet the required standard and make suggestions regarding the format of the report; they scrutinise the vocabulary and the grammar and ensure that not a word is out of place and all punctuations have been marked correctly.

The report that customers get from us contains all the changes that we have made so that they are aware of the work we have done. It will also act as a guide to refer to in the future so that the students do not repeat their mistakes. The payment system that we have installed is secure and reliable. All information that clients share with us is strictly confidential. Not a word of the project is revealed to outside parties without the consent of the clients.

The Contact Us page has a form that can be filled easily allowing us to get in touch with the potential customers. Talk to us as quickly as possible so that we have enough time to edit the proposal to high professional standards.