Are Online Proofreading Tools Worth It?

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Proofreading is an essential part of content writing and report submission.

 Are Online Proofreading Tools Worth It?Oftentimes, it is an elephant task for the author to proofread his or her own work, because he might skip the mistakes in his own writing. Also, it is time consuming and tedious.

In such situations, it is best to use a third party for proof reading your work.

There are several proof reading tools available online.  Some of them are free also. But are they really worth considering and can guarantee error free content?

1. Only trials available for free

Most online software will only provide for free trials which will expire in a week or after proof-reading some of your articles. They prod you to subscribe for their yearly or monthly plans post that.

2. No contextual guidance

These online tools do not offer any contextual guidance and often miss out mistakes which you might have made in context. They only look for spelling errors.

3. Stand corrected

Sometimes even if your spellings are fine and correct, they may point it out as erroneous. This usually happens because they are programmed and are pre set for such words or grammar. This leads to waste of time.

All in all, the online proof reading tools might be beneficial but they do not give you any guarantee of contextual guidance and can lead to time wastage pointing on correct words as erroneous.

It is always better to hire a proof reader or proof reading service, since they can easily detect the context and will give you corrections only for contextual spelling errors and grammar mistakes. Also, if you are going to pay for the online software; it is much safer and trustworthy to use that money to hire a proof-reading service instead.

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